• Mukilteo Curved Closet

    We have converted many under stairs closets. This one was more of a challenge because of the curved walls. Vintage Solutions custom builds all of its wine cellar racks. Therefore, we were able to be very creative. The end result not only maximized storage capacity but was a unique and very attractive solution.
  • Clyde Hill

    The owners decided to turn their family room into a temperature and humidity controlled 4,000 bottle wine cellar. Vintage Solutions is capable of performing all of the construction work necessary to prepare the space for wine racks. No subcontractors were used allowing us to control construction quality from start to finish. After removing the drywall we installed a vapor barrier and insulation. We primed the walls and finished them with three layers of Venetian plaster. Natural cork was the perfect flooring material. A commercial ducted cooling system keeps the wine cellar at optimum temperature and humidity with very little noise.
  • Yarrow Point

    This Yarrow Point home had a large, underused storage area. It is now a beautiful 4,500 bottle wine cellar. The entrance is next to an electrical service panel. We had some fun and hid the wine cellar door behind a fake electrical panel and fake conduit. The door is controlled with a remote automatic opener. Guests are amazed! There are floor to ceiling wine racks with a rolling ladder and a commercial ducted cooling system which is virtually noiseless. Racks were built on custom walnut bases with a solid walnut slab counter and a custom arch. Hand cut dovetails were used. Venetian plaster walls and ceiling provides the finishing touch. This is truly a one of a kind, hand crafted cellar.
  • Bainbridge Basement

    We were asked to convert part of a basement recreation room into a luxurious wine cellar with a capacity of almost 2,000 bottles. It was necessary to build the cellar walls and match them to the home's existing style, color and finish. Vintage Solutions' extensive construction experience allowed us to perfectly blend the new wine cellar walls with the rest of the home. Now the wine cellar looks like it was an original part of the house. We used a ducted cooling system which perfectly conditions the wine cellar and is virtually noiseless.
  • Kirkland Wine Cellar

    This Kirkland homeowner wanted a 1,500 bottle wine cellar built in their spacious garage. The challenge was providing access through the kitchen's curved wall. Our 30 years of construction experience provided a spectacular solution. The wine cellar features a customized door with curved racks. The hand crafted half round stairs provide a classic, and unique entrance. This is the type of hand crafted attention to detail that is difficult to find today. At Vintage Solutions all of our wine cellars feature this type of superior construction quality.
  • Bridal Trails Cellar

    We converted a bar/entrance room into a beautiful 2,100 bottle wine cellar. This project is another example of the benefit of Vintage Solutions' extensive construction experience. No subcontractors were used. All work was performed by Vintage Solutions allowing us to control the quality from start to finish. The room was gutted, plumbing was moved, walls rearranged and insulated. New drywall was covered in Venetian plaster. Custom wine racks were built and installed along with a custom mahogany cabinet and hand formed concrete countertops. A small bar style copper sink was installed to aid in rinsing taster's glasses. Custom hand built arches and integral lighting accent the racks and counters provide the finishing touches.