• Wine cellars Seattle

    Closet Conversions

    A few examples of our ability to convert a closet into a functional, attractive custom wine cellar.
  • Large Spaces

    Large spaces allow many design options. The possibilities are limitless. These are just some of the ideas.
  • Arches & Displays

    Arches and bottle display options add interest and uniqueness to a wine cellar. Here are some examples.
  • Bottle Configurations

    There are many ways to display your collection. We have found that variety makes for an interesting cellar.
  • Bases and Toekicks

    It is a small detail but no detail is too small. Individual bases and toekicks provides a finished and polished look.
  • Floors and Countertops

    Few craftsmen can hand cut dovetail joints or work with cork, concrete and tile. We do it all the time...