Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Vintage Solutions Custom Wine Cellars different from other companies?

    Vintage Solutions is a small, locally owned company with a passion for fine wine. We provide a comprehensive wine storage solution including design, custom rack manufacturing, complete construction services and cooling design and installation. We don't rely on any other company during the design, manufacturing, constuction or installation process. If there are issues with any part of the process it is addressed directly and soley by Vintage Solutions.

Why do I need a wine cellar? Can't I just keep my wine in a closet or my pantry?

    Wine should be stored at a constant temperature and humidity. Ideal conditions are in the range of 53°F - 62°F and a relative humidity of between 65% - 75%. Some fluctuation is acceptable but it is important that the changes are gradual. Large seasonal temperature swings that can occur in a closet, pantry or basement can be the ruin of fine wine.

Why is it best to store wine on its side?

    Bottles should be stored on their sides in order to keep the cork wet and the seal secure (dry corks shrink and allow oxygen in too quickly, thus spoiling the wine).

Can I store wine in the boxes it came in?

    Wine should not be stored in cardboard boxes. Wine should be stored in racks with good air cirulation or in well spaced wooden crates. Cardboard can impart a bad taste to the wine and encourages the bacteria that causes "corked" wine.

Do I need a cooling unit for my wine cellar?

    A basement cellar may provide a stable temperature and humidity environment without a cooling unit. Subsoil has a natural resistence to temperature changes and exhibits near ideal conditions year around. Modern insulation and cooling units can duplicate the conditions of an underground cellar anywhere in the house.

Why shouldn't I just rent wine storage space?

    Rented wine storage is an ongoing expense that can add up over time. Additionally, there is the inconvenience of having your wine stored away from your home. A state-of-the-art custom designed, handmade wine cellar is both functional and beautiful and will add value to your home.

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