Cooling Systems

Storing your wine investment at the correct temperature and humidity is critical to its maturation and value. Regardless of the style of your Vintage Solutions custom wine cellar a correctly sized and installed cooling system is critical. As an amatuer vinter with a degree in Chemistry from Columbia University, Kevin Pettit, Vintage Solutions owner, fully understands the design and installation of an effective cooling system. Many Vintage Solutions customers have sought out Kevin's expertise in cooling systems for their existing storage space.

Our entry level cooling is provided by through-the-wall systems such as the WhisperKool. They provide good temperature and humidity control. However, their location in the cellar wall means there is no way to minimize the sound from the unit's operation. The advantages of this type of unit are its flexibility, they can be used in most cellars, and their affordability.

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A more elegant solution is a ducted system such as the Wine Guardian. The actual cooling unit can be placed remotely, outside of the wine cellar. The result is a virtually silent cooling solution which keeps the cellar at the optimum temperature and humidity with a minimum of noise. This is the choice for our premium wine cellars.

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