Kevin Pettit

Born and raised in Chehalis, WA, Kevin also attended school in Germany where he learned to speak the native language fluently. He received a degree in Chemistry from Columbia University, New York, NY where he remained for 10 years before returning to Seattle. While in New York, Kevin's passion for craftsmanship took him from a career in medicine, like his siblings, to a career in the construction of luxury loft residences in Manhattan. Forming a working partnership with an I.M. Pei architect whom he had befriended at Columbia University Kevin had a successful business catering to the needs of New York's artistic elite.

Fortunately for Seattle area wine lovers, Kevin was able to combine his craftsmanship with his love of wine into Vintage Solutions, Custom Wine Cellars. Also, talk to Kevin about his amateur winery, Chocolate Hills Estates. Wine professionals all over the Puget Sound are raving about its quality.

What Others Say

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