Wine Cellar Design

Each Vintage Solutions wine cellar is unique and custom designed to meet the highest standards of functionality, durability and aesthetics.


Hand Crafted Construction

Our racks are hand-milled and fabricated to be custom fitted in the space provided. Hand crafted is not just a phrase with us. It is our way of doing business.


Large Spaces

We are experts at creating unique, functional storage and tasting rooms with one of a kind, custom crafted features.


Small Spaces

Closet sized cellars offer efficient storage in nearly any home. There is nearly always a space that can be converted for wine storage.


Maximize Storage

Our design expertise will maximize the storage of any space. We custom design and hand craft each rack to maximize the storage in every wine cellar.


Cooling Systems

Kevin is an expert in the process of cooling, storage and wine maturation. Don't hesitate to call him if you have a question about cooling or need help with your existing system.


Locally owned and operated by Kevin Pettit, Vintage Solutions is a Seattle based business that designs and builds custom wine cellars, storage racks and cooling systems for the proper storage and display of your wine investment.

We can convert an existing space or create a new one to your specifications utilizing our state of the art construction techniques, advanced computer aided design (CAD) and proven expertise.

Our handcrafted , quality racking is individually built from a variety of hardwoods such as premium clear western red cedar and beautiful mahogany. We can custom match your racks to your existing wood type or color.

We offer a variety of environmental control units that can be individually sized to guarantee a consistent optimum temperature and humidity, the key to the proper maintenance and maturation of fine wine.


Kevin transformed our extra closet in the basement into a fabulous wine cellar. Our friends are envious!!

— Albert H., Medina, WA